How to create a Music Park for your community



Visit our Outdoor Musical Instrument Tab on our website to look , listen and gather information.

Step 2


Contact your local park and recreation officials or community planner and share the information you have gathered about creating a musical park

Step 3


Site location and Inspection

Step 4


Instrument Selection

Step 5


Community Support

Please engage other members groups and businesses in your community to ensure a successful installation of your musical park.

Step 6


Contact us for a full demonstration at your location.

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Music is an expressive language that is woven through the cultural fabric of generations and civilizations. Recent brain-based research has explored the powerful combination that music and nature has on our physical, mental, and emotional health, and the collective benefits that build more harmonious communities.

Freenotes Harmony Park instruments have found homes in community gardens, school Playgrounds, private yards, urban centers, hospitals, playgrounds, museums, river trails and now music parks. Ease of play and the interactive nature of Freenotes instruments are at the heart of their versatility. Musical knowledge or skill isn't necessary in order to create beautiful sounds; the instruments are orchestrated to be forever pleasing to the ear; for both the players and those listening nearby.

Freenotes Outdoor Musical Instruments



Collect all 4. Each flower is a different size, height, color and has 4 different notes of very long sustain on each flower. They sound like soft sweet gongs. These flowers are so sculptural they will be enjoyed as soon as they are seen, but will enchant you with their tones for additional delight. Each flower sold separately or collect all 4 for a nice discounted price.

Contrabass Chimes


Contrabass Chimes – (Contra-base) Chimes Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant tones, the Contrabass Chimes provide an outdoor music experience through powerful sounds that are both heard and felt.There are seven chimes available, ranging from seven to nine feet tall.  Each is made of heavy-duty, anodized aluminum. They are pitched one octave below middle C to create a deep note that resonates like a gong.  We find these instruments are best as an ensemble installed in a horseshoe shape to allow a surround-sound effect.   



Reminiscent of the architecture of the Orient, the Pagoda is a vertical array of bells that provide lush tones of long duration. Durable and completely maintenance-free, the Pagoda Bells are a calming addition to any outdoor setting. As a park ornament, or as an engaging piece of interactive urban art, this instrument rings with blended tones, focusing attention on any outdoor setting.

Starter Collection


This collection is the perfect starter ensemble of sounds for your music park or space. Percussion sounds on the drums are fun for all, the soprano/alto sounds of both the bright sounding aluminum keys and the wood like sounds of the fiberglass keys on the Duet add versatility.  All rounded out with the beautiful bass tones from the Yantzee.  Adding to this ensemble when budget allows is easy; with so many choices that will add to the delights, everyone will have to play together.

This collection Includes:

Premium Collection


Everyone can play Freenotes regardless of musical training and anyone can step right into improvisational play, solo or in a group. This collection of five real musical instruments delivers maximum pitch range with texture and pure distinct tones that blend into soothing sounds.  This collection includes Contrabass Chimes, Swirl in Orange, Imbarimba in Yellow, Pegasus in Green and the Tuned Drums. Drums are available in either Rainbow or Green bases with one of 2 color molded drum caps: Moss or Taupe.

Sculptural Collection


Sculptural Collection – Our most sculptural instruments add an artistic flair to any outdoor space. A beautiful grouping of both resonated and non-resonated instruments, each instrument in this collection has upgraded steel posts offering a sophisticated look.

This Collection Includes:
Contrabass Chimes
Manta Ray
Lilypad Cymbals
Pagoda Bells 

Notable Public Installations: Bringing Harmony To The World

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The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

Price Ranges & Budgeting

Prices for our outdoor musical instruments can vary quite a bit based on:

The scope of Project – Are you looking for an instrument for your backyard or do you want to create a music park or musical playground for your community or local school?

Instrument Options – Most of the instruments have a few installation options, such as in-ground, surface mount, portable stand or upgrading to steel posts. For these reasons and other questions, you may have we prefer to put you in touch with your local distributor so they can provide you accurate pricing and assistance in making selections based on your area and design requirements. Simply fill out our contact form and we will respond within 24 business hours (usually sooner). Please know that we will NEVER use your information for any purpose other than contacting you.

If you are simply in need of a general idea of pricing for budgeting purposes – Here is a guideline.

All prices are USD. Prices DO NOT INCLUDE: Shipping, Installation, Design
Prices for a single small instrument start at $1600.00.

Ensemble prices range from $7,000.00 to $20,000 and include 3, 4, or 5 instruments.

These ensembles provide a nice discount over purchasing instruments individually. We have chosen the instruments in these ensembles to provide the best combination of sounds and variety for limited budgets.
When you invest in Freenotes Harmony Park instruments, you are making a long-term investment in your community’s future and you are receiving the highest quality outdoor musical instruments available on the market. We manufacture these instruments to withstand any kind of weather, remain outdoors 24/7 and to last through frequent hard play. Our instruments never require tuning, are virtually maintenance free and are very easy to install. The return on investment is everyone that plays these instruments experiences instant music success and joy! This equates to happier and healthier people and communities.

We provide a 5-year limited warranty on every instrument but we expect them to last much longer. To date, the oldest instruments we’ve manufactured are in Moab, Utah at Rotary Park, commonly referred to as “The Music Park”. They were installed in 1995 and are still being enjoyed by the public every day.

Written Testimonials:

Freenotes Outdoor Musical Instruments


Our school purchased the Wee Notes Ensemble, consisting of three outdoor instruments, the Griffin, Merry and the Piper. These instruments were installed on our school playground last fall and were an immediate draw for children of all ages. Our toddlers and older preschool students play the instruments with help from their teachers and many parents play the instruments together with their children after school. The instruments are regularly played by our elementary and middle school students, who practice their Orff-Schulwerk songs during their class time and create their own music during recess. The two-octave instruments, which can accommodate two players each, are tuned to the C major pentatonic scale. With the attached mallets, the instruments are always ready to play. The three instruments have remained in tune and posses a beautiful tone that can be heard wafting across our campus. Although the instruments are located within 50 feet of our school office they are not so loud as to inhibit normal conversational tone within the school building. The instruments have lasted through the harsh winter weather and have been fully functional year-round. We call our playground instrument area the “music garden” and it has become a dynamic addition to our school.

Edward Nassor, D.M.A.

Music Director, Merritt Academy

A year ago as we prepared to install seven Freenotes Instruments into  Jackson Square Park in Minneapolis, MN, we were nervous about how these  instruments would be accepted into this inner-city neighborhood. I’m  happy to report that the instruments remain fully functional after a  year of service. Their sound continues to be beautiful. – Doug Schmitt,  local Rotarian and committee member for the Jackson Square Park  revival, winner of Rotary International Significant Achievement Award  2011.

Without question, the best resource I have ever seen for nurturing the musician in every child are Harmony Park  outdoor instruments and playgrounds by Freenotes.  The instruments are  designed by Richard Cooke who feels that everyone can and should be a  musician, even without formal training.  – Patricia Jones, Teacher Support Force

One of the best things about these instruments is that they provide  all ages and abilities an opportunity to interact through spontaneous  creative expression –Jeannene Bragg, PACE Center’s Cultural Director.

I get more positive comments about the musical playground than  anything. People actually pick up the phone – after a trip to Moab – to  tell me, ‘That was the greatest thing we have ever seen in a park. We  loved it. We want a musical playground for our community.’ People, from  all ages, usually have a big smile on their face when they play the  instruments. Here we are in Moab, surrounded by gorgeous National Parks,  and we have visitors telling other visitors that they must go to Rotary  Park and play the instruments. – David Olsen, Moab community development director.

I was in Moab this weekend and stumbled upon the musical instruments  in the Rotary Park. I was so elated to see the Freenotes, they are  beautiful and it is so exciting to see the people flock to them to play –Nattana Johnson – Monument Graphics & Communications.

I certainly like the soothing tones of these instruments. For some  reason, the sounds that it produces always makes me think of a tropical  setting with a waterfall in the background –David Wragg.

Our guests are still loving the Freenotes. –Nancy Bjerken, Village Manager, Winter Park Resort.

What we play is life ! – Louis Armstrong


Ideal Musical Settings are Everywhere


Outdoor musical environments are often integrated into areas already offering play and recreational experiences but they can also be instrumental in activating a variety of other locations that have open or underutilized space.


· Public Parks 

· Schools 

· Early Childhood Centers 

· Play Grounds 

· Trails 

· Gardens

· Dog parks 

· Recreation Centers 

· Art Centers 

· Hospitals 

· Rehabilitation Clinics 

· Military Bases 

· Senior Centers 

· Hospitality Settings 

· Amusement Parks 

· Museums 

· Civic Centers

Freenotes Outdoor Musical Instruments

*Always perfectly tuned

*There are no "wrong" notes

*No power required

*Sturdy and low maintenance

*Made in the U.S.A

*We are a full service Freenotes dealer

*We provide expert advice on the right instruments for your residential or commercial property

*Instruments can be indoor/outdoor

*We can provide proper installation

*We offer a free Rhythm Enrichment Program with all installations (in the Washington Metropolitan area)

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